Julie Parsons, LCSW-C

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A nonprofit organization focused on the prevention of eating disorders.To find treatment centers, information about eating disorders, and other resources contact ANAD Helpline 630-577-1330 is open Monday through Friday 9 AM Through 5 PM Central Time

                       National Eating Disorder Association


Eating Disorder Network of Maryland

A Nurse's Guide to Eating Disorders; Bradley University

                                    RECOMMENDED BOOKS

How To Survive an Eating Disorder: Guide for Family and Friends; Michele Siegel, Ph.D., Judith Brisman, Ph.D. and Margot Weinshel, M.S.W.
Life Without Ed; Jenni Schaeffer with Thom Rutledge
Breaking Free from Emotional Eating;  Geneen Roth
Feeding the Hungry Heart; Geneen Roth
When Food Is Love; Geneen Roth
Making Weight: Men's Conflicts with Food, Weight, Shape and Appearance; Arnold Andersen, Ph.D., Leigh Cohn, M.A.T., Thomas Holbrook, M.D.

Rebecca Bitzer & Associates
a registered dietician who specializes in nutrition counseling for all ages.
Pioneer of Empowered Eating™
The "Freedom from Food Struggles Program" 
Hope for people and their loved ones suffering with eating disorders
Offices in Greenbelt, Columbia, and Annapolis, Maryland
Phone: 301-474-2499

Campuses Speak Out About Eating Disorders-University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland; Julie Parsons, counselor